I’ve been on this board for some time now and invested in UBNT all the while. I made tons of money selling calls and puts in its trading range while sitting back…completely joking here.

One thing I am serious about and have been serious about is Robert Pera. After watching from the sidelines with a measly 1.5% of my portfolio, I increased that today to 4.8%. Tomorrow it will be larger.

Robert Pera has an excellent vision that has stagnated for a while. It may be starting to grow. Take a look for yourselves.



Thanks AJ.
I agree and took a position a few weeks ago. Was in and out before that but I am convinced he is smart and making good moves

I made a little money selling a put that never got exercised. I’m keeping an eye on this company…

Excellent growth so far, but at $49.94 it is about 20% above a proper (IBD) buy point coming out of a nice base. A little tough for someone to add now after great earnings, wait for a nice pause.

(Long UBNT)

Composite Rating 99 Pass
EPS Rating …97 Pass
RS Rating …94 Pass
Group RS Rating A Pass
SMR Rating …A Pass
Acc/Dis Rating A+ Pass