Ugly start

For a second or two I had one green number (and a Chinese wealth management company, at that). Then all red.

Hard to type while sitting on your hands. Trying not to buy. Not yet! Well, increased SWKS position by 6%. I have a vague recollection of Dr. Strangelove movie. Trying to control that typing finger. I should go to bed. No market Monday. Three day withdrawal. Maybe not look at the portfolio or the Fool until Tuesday noon. Walk in the jungle, swim in the sea. Watch three sunsets. Portfolio will be the same just the same.

KC, who may just peak at SWKS before I shut this cursed window to the world off.


I bought SWKS at $91 a few months ago and then dumped it at $88 a few days later when they failed to hold the 200 day-moving-average.

I am reading this board daily and it is very tempting to jump back into
SWKS because it is getting rave reviews here. I have never gotten back in. I have a sneaking suspicion that the market knows something that we are all ignoring. Besides, you gotta have discipline. I don’t hold anything that falls below the 200 day-moving-average. I’m waiting on SWKS to resume the uptrend.


Seems like ugly starts might be the beginning of a downturn of the significant kind.

When the 2000 crash Happened I was invested in the tech “bubble”. I didn’t really know what I was doing then and I sold everything in a fit fear and loathing. Foolish me, woe was I.

We cannot ever know for sure, but it has been awhile now since it last happened (2008). History shows that it will happen again. I personally think having it actually happen will be better than worrying about when it will happen. I love the idea of being comfortable with what I might be invested in and then simply doing nothing. Saul did exactly that, I believe during the 2008 fall… The downturns end and stock prices always rise again.

The next time I will be following Saul’s advice. i.e. do nothing ( except maybe buy ), then wait it out calmly.



538 is dipping their toe into economic waters on the subject…


Today I will purchase some of the stocks that Saul and others are invested in. Yesterday I sold some of my not so good stocks.

I will be gradually purchasing the large and medium positions that Saul
and others own that I read about in Saul’s end of December 2015 review.

I have looked at these companies and they sound good to me.

Am I Foolish in doing so, so soon after joining these boards ?
I have always tended to jump right in when I see something that I think looks good


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Saul repeatedly makes the point that he is not running a recommendation service here. Trying to follow his trades is likely to produce some unpleasant surprises since he can be quite nimble and may not tell you what he has done until the end of the month and, not necessarily in detail even then. The point of the board is to learn to think these decisions through on your own. So, if you want to buy some of the same stocks that Saul holds, that is fine as long as you are buying them out of your own personal conviction and not just because he says he likes them.


Thank you Tamhas,

I am making my own decisions as always.
I am easing my way into the ones that I like and so far I have beginner
positions in five of Saul’s positions. I in no way ever hold anyone accountable for my buy decisions. And many of what Saul buys are MF recs to begin with. He lets MF do the work of finding and researching these companies, then does his own vetting before buying.

I also have 15 positions of my own that I have been holding for
1 to 4 years. All are MF recs.

Have some decisions to make here, because I don’t like trying to follow to many companies. I like the new five I just bought, so now I am up to
20 holdings.

Best to you,

Well, I dipped into some bargains today: bought a little bit each of INVN and LGIH.

I hope next week is better for all of us.

I also want to express my appreciation to everyone for the encouragement, camaraderie, and wonderful information on this board.

I have been investing for more than 30 years, and have been a Motley Fool for more than a decade, but I find myself looking at the posts on this board more and more all the time.



Oh and this:

I may have already said this ( somewhere :slight_smile:
I repeat myself sometimes these days But my friends don’t mind and I don’t either.

Saul, at one time was pounding the table on a company, the one that became Catamaran. We met up on that board and talked about his overall investing expectations and his strategy of investing.Because of this I bought in to said company and held until it became Catamaran. Then It was acquired and we all sold. Made money too.
The Last time I talked to Saul was on the Bofi board. We had a brief exchange about why was I not owning INBK. Later, coincidentally near the same time. We both sold Bofi. Me first, then Saul.

I am not a very good technical guy but I do know how to read and process
a thesis. I can tell ( of course not always ) but often enough, when I am looking at something that might be a good investment.

I like, as I have said before, Saul’s idea of not " marrying " (my word) a stock but instead knowing when to move on and and buy something better. I have held some bad picks for too long and I am open to learning how to " know when to hold them and know when to fold them " Saul knows how, so here I am.

I don’t have enough time left for long holding periods. All of my money is in stocks and some cash. I have nothing else except SS. not even ownership of the house we live in ( reverse mortgage ) I have serious skin in this game and my wife and daughter are depending on me.
Our daughter is 42 yrs old and has had some challenges of her own.

I was once a street punk with felonies. I joined the NAVY and got right.

Later became a self made multimillionaire. Built my own Corporation and sold it after twenty years of success. My wife of 44 yrs and I had some fine adventures together for many years.

But I made some bad decisions in real estate and here we are. I feel good about the next few yrs and actually am OK with a solid downturn. It’s bound to happen, so let it happen. One more time. Then the recovery. I still have enough years left for a scenario like that to unfold and I have enough money invested and cash to add so that my investment will probably work. And I ain’t afraid to fail.

Bought some INBK today,