Why is this company not listed on your boards Symbol PATH
It was one of your recommendations and has tanked since I purchased it

The G Boyz lucky guesses are spotlighted, touted, and endlessly repeated. But the majority of their stock picks are disclaimed and buried, as is being done with PATH.


Here’s another chart of that same stock. https://schrts.co/jMzgZgeX

I’m guessing it came to market at 55 and jumped in price the first trading day to 75, which when amateur stick pickers like the G Boyz thought they saw a winner and began touting the stock. Now it’s trading 29. Obviously, they had failed to due any due diligence, nor do they understand the the IPO process. Why anyone looks to them for investing advice is beyond me to understand, given that the average mutual find with the same investing objective – small-cap/mid cap growth-- has a better track record and far lower fees.

Here’s a quick funnymentalist overview of PATH.

At its present price of $29.04, it is 3.6% undervalued on a cash-flow basis. [Translation: Anyone who bought at a higher price doesn’t understand the basics of sound investing.]

#2. Since its coming to market, there has been significant insider selling and ZERO insider buying. Like, 1.56 MILLION shares sold. [Translation: If insiders don’t have enough faith in their own company to want to own it, why should you?]

I could go on with this. But the lesson to be learned should be obvious. Buying on the basis of stock tips isn’t ‘investing’ in any meaningful sense of that word. It’s just a loser’s game of speculation and gambling.


You did not fill out your Rap sheet to show what kind of trader / investor you are in relationship to your risk and money management skills.

Going to assume you’re a HODLer (hanging on for dear life).

If it is an IPO, do not buy anything until 13 weeks one day for a quarterly report before making an informed decision.

Next, that PATH was classic Frontrunner and or a PNP. PATH should have been sold on or about 6/1/21.

Next, you should have placed a trailing stop-loss order at 8% below your purchase price in order to help protect your ASSets.

Barchart dot com has better choices than what the G boys are recommending. It is free to sign up to have some access.

However, as a Swing Trader, I would have had 9 out of 9 successful trades with zero (0)losses. If an 8th grader can do it in homeroom or lunchtime or in the bathroom in stall #3 on their cell phone with either Robinhood or Webull or your broker, you can do it. NO excuses. 9:45 am to 10:00 am is the ideal time to review the charts.

This is a traders market and not for the HODLers. The Pied Piper’s theme here is “what’s in your wallet” and won’t ever tell you to sell your stock.

Something to ponder.

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Hi, jpd1016.

This is a public discussion board, and as you may have gathered, there are a few here who do not think much of TMF’s long-term (3-5 years or longer) investment Foolosophy but love to hang out here and criticize it.

Uipath was and remains an active recommendation in 3 premium services from last fall. It is not a company I follow, but from what I gather, it has offered forward guidance that is slower than what analysts expected. Assuming you are still a Premium Fool, you can see the company’s snapshot page here:


There is a Premium Community discussion board for the company, where your fellow Premium Fools have been discussing the disappointing market performance of the company (there’s a lot of that going around given this down market we’ve been in):


Who is guessing you were looking at the Freemium Community company discussion boards, where no Fool has yet requested a board for the company…

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