UK: $UBER Surge Pricing During Rail Strike

I love the irony of accusing the RMT union of punishing millions of people, while the John Galt ride-share app is given a green light to charge passengers surge pricing increases of 50% to 200%. Beautiful Late Stage Capitalism in motion.…

Daily Mail headline: ‘DisgracefuI Uber. I can’t work from home as I work in the NHS’: Commuters’ fury as ride sharing app ‘TRIPLES’ fares as it reports ‘significant’ surge in demand

:pushpin: Uber were criticised this morning after prices increased due more demand

:pushpin: The app automatically surges costs if there are more orders than cars available

:pushpin: The strikes by the Rail, Maritime and Transport union will last three days

:pushpin: Militant RMT union is accused of ‘punishing millions of innocent people’

:pushpin: Walkouts will hinder millions getting to work and patients from appointments

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