Ukraine war: The latest

The Pentagon cancelled a test of the Minuteman III nuclear missiles as a show of ‘restraint’

The U.S. insisted the scrapping of the test was not a ‘backwards step’

Putin’s forces continued their shelling of Ukraine and struck an area near Kyiv’s southern main station

US warned that Moscow could be deploying vacuum bombs and cluster munitions

Russian attacks leave Mariupol, another Black Sea port further to the west without electricity

More than 677,000 people have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion, the UN’s refugee agency says

The UN’s International Court of Justice says it will hold public hearings on March 7 and 8 over Ukraine’s allegations of ‘genocide’ by Russia

Russia blocks an independent television channel and a liberal radio station, tightening a virtual media blackout

A string of Western companies announce they are freezing or scaling back business with Russia

Russians race to withdraw cash after the introduction of capital controls and as the ruble hits record lows

Russian-owned Nord Stream 2 goes insolvent after Germany halts the pipeline following Moscow’s invasion

Oil prices soar past $110 a barrel, despite agreements to release 60 million barrels from stockpiles

The World Bank prepares a $3-billion aid package for Ukraine, including $350 million in immediate funds…

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