Un-redacted Covid-19

Unredacted Emails Finally Reveal the Shocking Truth


The Captain


But then there’s this…

Equally interesting (but in a different way)…but much harder to follow. Who to listen to :thinking::rofl::thinking:?


Aw, c’mon! YouTube videos revealing the “shocking truth” about Dr. Fauci!

Wendy (rolling eyes)


Exactly the problem! Follow the money?

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Point me to better source!

BTW, why the redactions if it was harmless?

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Here you go.



It’s uTube and Wendy disqualified uTube.

Nice try though!

The Captain

And people said the same thing about the National Enquirer and John Edwards. When MSM media fails to do its job, other ways will be found.


How better to disseminate conspiracy theories? It’s been going on since the start of the pandemic with the same nitwittery that attracted the credulous and bullible repeated overandoverandover.

Reminds me a bit of the appearance of what turned out to be AIDS in the scientific literature…and the multiple conspiracy theories floating around. Only difference is the timeline. The crackpot ideas that’ve surrounded Covid have tended to be revealed as such within weeks or months. HIV/AIDS was the subject of denialists for decades (a few die hards might be still pursuing that tack for all I know)


This is weakest pivot I’ve seen in months.


The National Inquirer published 50 stories a week for 80 years.

And they managed to get one of them right.

Good example.


Well. Maybe two?

Q: So how did you finally convince the medical community?

A: I didn’t understand it at the time, but Procter & Gamble [the maker of Pepto-Bismol] was the largest client of Hill & Knowlton, the public relations company. After I came to work in the States, publicity would come out. Stories had titles like “Guinea-Pig Doctor Experiments on Self and Cures Ulcer,” and Reader’s Digest and the National Enquirer covered it.

I watched this story unfold in the mid 1980s. I dont remember Reader’s Digest covering the story. But, RD was very popular alongside NE at the grocery store checkout rack.
IIRC, after the National Enquirer ran the story, throngs of people with ulcers stormed their drs office, Enquirer in hand, DEMANDING the cure.
The drs refused of course, but, their patients DEMANDED… and the drs then HAD to refute the bogus claims made by the wanna-be-dr from the Australian Outback.

The claims were obviously bogus, cause P&G’s / Hill and Knowlton unbiased dr training cruises told the drs that the only treatment was pepto bismol.

The drs failed to refute the claims, ultimately PROVED the claims, and 20 years later, in 2005


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There’s some serious historical revisionism with these h. pylori stories…fueled in part by Barry Marshall’s effort to categorise himself as a David vs. Goliath/Medical Establishment.

See, there were actually very effective treatments for ulcer disease around at the time. Quite apart from antacids, you had deglycerized (sp?) licorice…and, from the early 1980s Zantac and Tagamet. Problem was, these were very effective while they were taken but something like 80% or so of folk taking them relapsed within a year or so of stopping.

In reality, Marshall and Warren had a very easy time of getting their idea accepted once they could actually isolate and culture h. pylori (whichwas n I t an easytask, apparently). New ideas such as this require reproducible studies to demonstrate that they’re real and not a flash in the pan or, worse yet…result of fraud (hint: another maverick doctor fighting the Establishment springs to mind called Andrew Wakefield) Plus, a treatment protocol that involves widespread use of antibiotics needs to show that it actually works…and it did…and within a few years became accepted as standard of care. A professorship at the University of Virginia and a Nobel prize within a very short time followed.

My dad developed ulcer disease in the early 1960s. Between then and the mid 1980s he had 3 or 4 hospital admissions for acute GI bleeds needing blood transfusions so I kept very close eye on Barry Marshall’s progress.


Random chance.

We old phartz remember when Carol Burnett sued the Enquirer for libel, a very hard case for a “celeb” to make in Shiny-land. The Enquirer offered no witnesses in it’s defense, resting on it’s first amendment “freedom” to slander anyone it wants.


Burnett v. National Enquirer, Inc. - Wikipedia.


Maybe Musk’s latest Twitter file dump is a stronger pivot for you?

No, actually in spite of the breathless hype, it’s nothing that wasn’t already known and widely publicized at the time. The “laptop” information was held back because it appeared to be a pre-election falsehood dump. Meanwhile it didn’t contain anything of particular importance anyway.

Meanwhile Musk claimed the suppression was a violation of the 1st amendment “under orders from the government.” I am fairly certain that 1) the first amendment is irrelevant to what a private company does and 2) “the government” was, at the time, run by “not” the Hunters laptop father, that more correctly would have been the orange one who shall not be named.

Even the NY Post didn’t think Joe was President then.


Pivots are a cop-out in the first place but since you asked, Twitter complying with a private citizen’s request to remove stolen dick pics seems like a reasonable thing to do. At least it does to me.

We’ll have to agree to disagree on this point.