Uninstall Google Drive

The other day I installed Google Drive on my computer but I want to uninstall it.

  1. That won’t delete my online Google docs will it? I don’t think so, but it would be horrible if it did!

  2. Every time I go to uninstall it, it says the program is open and must be closed before uninstalling it. I have no idea what they mean. It is NOT open. I even rebooted my computer and then tried to uninstall it and get the same message.

Any help would be apprecited.

I’m shooting the the dark on this, but here is what I’m thinking.

  1. Open up your browser.

  2. Go to google.com. When I do that, up in the far right corner is a red circle with my first initial in it. When I click on it I get the option to sign out of google.

  3. Sign out of Google.

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Google Drive can be configured in 2 ways, store it in the cloud and “stream” the files or keep a local copy.

When you uninstall (at least when I have), the data in your Google Drive will stay put. If you have it configured to keep a local copy you should have the option to let it stay on your system after the uninstall.

Uninstalling from (I’m assuming you are using Windows) “Add or Remove Programs” won’t remove the data from the drive itself, just the local copy and the Google Drive application.

As far as closing the application (again assuming you are running Windows), hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and select the Task Manager. Look for the Details tab. Look for the “GoogleDriveFs.exe” service. Right-click and select “End Task”. This should effectively shut down the local Google Drive application. You should then be able to uninstall and reboot without it coming back.

Hope that helps.


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Would you share what causes you to want to Uninstall it?

Just curious.

“Would you share what causes you to want to Uninstall it?”

I don’t have the time or patience to learn how to use it to tell you the truth!
For instance:

  1. Will all Google docs and sheets reside on my computer now, as well as in the cloud? If so, that takes up a lot of hard drive space.

  2. If I don’t want it all on my computer, but want some on there, and want all of them in the cloud, I don’t know how to accomplish that. I tested a couple of files, deleted them from my computer, and they disappeared from the cloud also. So that’s not good. Apparently I can’t simply delete files from my Google Drive on my computer that I don’t want there but I want to keep in the cloud.

That’s for starters.