Union membership

Each year the BLS puts out a report on union members (linked below). The most recent report notes that the “The 2022 unionization rate (10.1 percent) is the lowest on record” (since 1983). Private sector membership is only 6.5%.

Men continue to have a higher union membership rate (10.5%) than women (9.6%) and blacks are more likely to be union members.

Weekly wages are higher for the unionized by some $187 ($1,216 versus $1,029) but union dues reduce the differential. At the same time, while non-union wages increased by 24% over the past five years, union wages rose by just under 17%.





Non-unon wages increased at a higher rate, but still trail union wages. Some union workers have been able to hang on to a company paid pension and retiree medical. Non-union workers saw those forms of compensation taken away decades ago.



United Teachers of Dade, Florida’s largest teachers union, failed to meet the requirements of a new state law that requires at least 60% of union members pay dues — setting in motion a decertification process that could leave about 30,000 Miami-Dade public school educators without representation…

If PERC [the state Public Employees Relations Committee] determines the union is eligible to qualify for a certification election — after it has proved at least 30% of its members want representation — the union will hold a vote seeking recertification and top at least 50% support to earn it.

Come next year, though, it will still have to prove it has met the 60% threshold to remain certified — potentially fueling a never-ending cycle


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Of course, if the state succeeds in decertifying the union, then teacher pay and benefits can be cut unilaterally, and the resulting reduction in education spending can be used to cover the cost of another tax cut for the “JCs”.

After all, who would be hurt by massive class sizes and unqualified teachers? Not the “JCs”, who send their spawn to private school. It only hurts the Proles.



Wouldn’t be easy to do that at all. That’s because in south Florida, the counties are smack right up against each other and teachers can choose to work for either one of them rather easily. And there is strong demand for teachers because of the massive influx of families over the last 10 years, especially the last 4 years. If Miami-Dade tries to cut salaries, a bunch of their teachers could easily choose to work in Broward country or southern Palm Beach County instead.

The advocate for “freeedom” in Tallahassee can issue a decree preventing school districts competing for teachers, like he does when he fires elected officials for the crime of being “woke”, or the crime of accepting a campaign contribution from George Soros.



How low can you go?

US union membership rate hits fresh record low in 2023
The union membership rate fell to 10.0% from what had already been a record-low 10.1% in 2022, the Labor Department said on Tuesday…

The membership rate among private-sector workers was unchanged at a record-low 6%…The rate for government workers, which is more than five time the private-sector rate, slid to 32.5%, the lowest on record, from 33.1% in 2022…

The data also showed that union members’ wage superiority continued to erode.


I remember when the TSA was created, and the outrage, OUTRAGE!!!, at the law being written to allow the TSA workers to unionize if they wish.