United Airlines B767 Captain goes nuts, takes ax to parking barrier

… lots of stressed people in the air today. Kudos to the parking lot employees for wrestling the ax from the angry pilot. That’s a lot to expect from someone in a minimum wage job.



Maybe he just always wanted to be a lumberjack.


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Whoever here among us who hasn’t wanted to take an axe to a parking barrier may throw the first stone.


Better to use dynamite–or drive a Cat…

I do NOT want to fly with him…

david fb

Have no fear. I’m quite certain he’ll be grounded while he gets checked out. The article also mentioned that he’s 63 years old. That’s approaching the mandatory retirement age for pilots. I suspect he’s flown his last commercial flight.

On the other hand, I might take the frustration at poorly working exit gates at an airport parking lot as a sign of sanity in a crazy world.



Oh, I am not lacking sympathy as I have fought with parking lot machines and understand the rage, especially after a hard day of work when exhausted and with a fine dinner awaiting with someone beautiful and no attendant or responsible person around. And I actually got my glider pilot certification and was close on my private plane pilot license before I had to pull back because of HIV. I would not have been a good airline pilot. Maybe a good fighter pilot…my pilot uncle always thought so.

david fb