Update on 1/4 holdings

DATAROMA Superinvestors Portfolio Holdings

The BAC purchase is a retrospective inclusion of GenRe stocks they already owned and not a new buy. Heard it on CNBC.

Yep, the best recap.


Divi, what is truly remarkable is that t and t benefit from the, Buffett bounce. I suspect the COF buy is not Buffett?? Yet still, t and t have lagged spy over ten years, unbelievable, despite the huge edge. It’s hard to imagine underperforming with that , huge edge? Every buy they make is, advertised as a Buffett buy or a Berkshire buy, which gooses the stock, 2 percent plus, and still, they lagged. Honestly , it almost doesn’t seem to be possible with such a huge edge? Worthy of more in depth disclosure and transparency.

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