Updates on SEMrush ($SEMR)

Since introducing it to the board about a month ago https://discussion.fool.com/introducing-semrush-semr-34900686.as… I wanted to keep you up to date with the latest developments, media, and opportunities around SEMrush.

The CSO and the CFO talked to Michael Turtis, the Managing Director and Equity Research Analyst with KeyBanc Capital Markets who focuses on the Enterprise Software sector. You can watch the entire video here and see how they explain that tools like SEMrush are indispensable to marketers now. Long gone are the days where just a website was enough to attract clients online https://wsw.com/webcast/key18/semr/1691294

Also, here is the latest investor presentation where you can see how they compete against other tools and that they have a growing TAM to penetrate https://s27.q4cdn.com/202248034/files/doc_presentations/Augu…

Here’s another TechTok discussion between the CFO and Brent Bracelin from Pipe Sandler where he explains how the increase in prices will not be a one-time thing but will take its full effect within the next few years https://pipersandler.zoom.us/rec/play/63vq4Ug4iJSRWty3wvlFnr…

SEMrush also appointed a veteran CMO, Andrew Warden, as their new Chief Marketing Officer who held several CMO roles before joining https://investors.semrush.com/news/news-details/2021/Semrush…

The stock price has performed well during the past month boosting its market cap by more than 50% taking it to slightly above 4 billion. I added quite a bit to my holdings last week. SEMR is now my top 2 position.

Also, discussion around the company and its stock increased during the past month in social media. Stocktwits follower count increased from 313 to 349 https://stocktwits.com/symbol/SEMR I still believe this is an undiscovered stock by many investors.

I still believe it’s got a long runway ahead for years to come. Even if it’s not growing at triple digits — and I don’t expect it to do so — SEMrush solves a problem for marketers around the world and I like how they explain that SEMrush is a platform “for marketers by marketers”. As long as they move in the right direction while growing at least 50% YoY I’m not planning to sell any shares.