Updating Profile Pics

The new boards have a nice way to share your profile avatar / pic.

It seems that a very few folks have elected to share their pic, and many have chosen to either not change at all (circle with initials) or have chosen their favorite avatar.

I had a choice as to which I would share, a pic of who I am, or a pic of our '38Packard. I chose my pic, but I’m thinking maybe I should just go with the picture of our '38.

I get that it’s an individual choice as to whether you display your face or something else, I guess I’m just maybe a little too trusting in this day and age?



Whatever makes you most happy and comfortable, I think that’s what you should do. I’ve chosen to display my real face online, since that makes me happy.

A local farmer suggested I should use a picture of a sheep or a cow instead, since there aren’t THAT many goats using the internet - I might be identified easily. But hopefully no one will recognise me from real life.


Thanks for your response.

We need a HAHAHAHA button - but I’ve already requested that!!!


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I travel a bit and I keep a folder on my PC with interesting photos that I find amusing. Out of the tens of thousands of photos I’ve taken, this contains less than 200. I’ve chosen a cropped portion of a political billboard in Gothenburg, Sweden with the words “We Are Losing Color” across the bottom and a picture of a hand with a gun shooting a bullet through a head, thereby releasing the “color” out the other side. I figured the portion I show out of context is a reminder that the picture we see as the truth may not be reflective of the entire scenario (sort of a private joke with myself). :slight_smile: (HAHA button)

This is the entire context.



A great idea. And relating back to my earlier comment - perhaps, for any sheep present (whether genuine, or merely goats in disguise), a BAA BAA BAA button would also be quite handy.

| :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: |

Hopefully the TMF IT geniuses are already working on it.



I just need to shave more often. Perhaps get out more.

Tom Brady is the GOAT! :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile: :kissing_heart: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Become a volunteer!

That keeps me busy and gets me out during the week. I volunteer with www.score.org as a certified business counselor, I sit on the Board at our local Chamber of Commerce and I am active on the Executive and Compensation Committee. I also sit on the Economic Development Commission of the small rural town that I grew up in. They desperately need more business / clean industry in the town to lower the overall tax rates on residential property. I’m all about helping people, businesses and local government with building a healthy economic environment.

So far this year, I have racked up over 1,000 miles in volunteer travel in and around our local community. It feels good to do good.




Love hearing that.

I am not retirement age. Not for lack of money but I may work myself into a grave some time after age 88. My dad retired less than two years ago at age 82. The work ethic is insane.

I have two businesses currently. I have a second major nft project in the pipeline. I have a major video game development project in the pipeline. I am a one man shop for those. I have a partnership with three other guys that is slowing me down a bit. I love the guys but it is socialize first work second. I always feel the horse is not pulling the cart with that but the profits could be worth it later. There is a larger business that can spring out of that but I have not discussed that in the partnership yet.

At age 59 my business creative side exploded.

I have decided to do my meditation times at 9 pm when I need to go to bed. Instead of working till past midnight. :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


I couldn’t find a picture of myself that I wanted to use, so I used an old picture of my dad from when he was a kid. I may change it later, but a little more personal than the initials.


OK, you talked me into it.
My new (first, only) picture is my second-favorite avatar: Megaceryle alcyon, the Belted kingfisher.
Bad attitude, loner, lives on free-flowing rivers, eats fish, punk haircut. Get too close and he’ll either yell, or try to hold your head underwater.

(My favorite avatar wouldn’t have justice done by a tiny icon…plus, the common name contains a word verboten by TMF:
I want to be reincarnated as a male Physeter macrocephalus, the seprm whale - but only in the millennia or two prior to humans’ development of effective whaling around 1750 AD.

Behold the life cycle:
Born into a warm bath, and assiduously cared for by your mother and a cadre of protective aunts.
Grow into childhood on the richest milk known of any species.
Mature into a truly cosmopolitan, apex predator - any salt water from the Mediterranean to the South Pacific. If the water’s too cool, swim towards the equator; too warm, swim away. Or, just because you want to see what’s beyond the next, er, wave.
Meanwhile, food is typically almost unlimited, and once adult size is reached, predators very few
At adolescence, strike out on a cetacean Rumspringa (“Whalespringa?”). Swim around on your own, possibly accumulating a harem. Or not.
Meanwhile, as testosterone dictates, plunge deep into the abyss and take on giant squids for no other reason than that they are a worthy opponent. Win, and you have dueling scars to impress the ladies (see: harem, above)
(Downside of this lifestyle choice: whales need to breathe air. Squid don’t)
Otherwise, live peaceably for decades, thinking deep whale thoughts.
Gradually grow deaf in your later years, and wander away from your clan. Die in your sleep.

(About the only downside is a bowel obstruction from indigestible squid beaks. Most of them are lubricated and pass on through (see: ambergris), but a fatal obstruction always possible. A grim way to go. But, there’s always a worm in the apple, innit?)


This thread led me to put a profile pic up: the youngest of our beloved pups. :^D


I admire your volunteer work, 38Packard. I volunteer with AARP Tax Aide (inspired by aj485), the Pacific Northwest Bumblebee Atlas and I mentor an 11 year old boy. I’m thinking of becoming a SHIPA volunteer but I’m afraid of Covid.

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Thanks Wendy!! My volunteer work helps to keep me out of trouble :wink:

I recall that you volunteer with Tax Aide and I looked into it a few years ago. It seemed to me that I would have to do a fair amount of studying to pass the exam that the IRS requires you to take to be a certified tax volunteer and I don’t have much of a desire to do much book studying any more.

I’ve done my own taxes (and those of friends and relatives) for many years and (knock on wood) over many, many tax returns have only had an occasional issue with the IRS that could usually be clarified with a letter / back-up documentation.

The SHIPA volunteer would be a great help to many as well. Just so you know, the SHIPA volunteer that helped me (two appointments) last year met with me virtually (one via zoom, the other via phone call) so she was safe from catching the plague from her clients.

Thanks again,

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Oh 38 I am sure you still get into trouble. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I dare not do my own taxes. Been spending the morning seeing what is offered for NFT and crypto tax reporting. Turns out Coinbase has Form 8949 reporting with one of its programs. That is going to come in very handy. It is offered in a savings program on transactions.