UPST - Interesting Blog Post by Scott Galloway

This is a very short read by Prof. Galloway - I am not a huge fan but thought he made some interesting points about Fintech and how unglamorous a role companies like Upstart play.

In sum, fintech is likely as underhyped as space is overhyped. Why? The ROI on your professional efforts and investing are inversely proportional to how sexy the industry/investment is, and fintech is … boring. Except for the immense opportunity and value creation — for multiple stakeholders. “Half the world is unbanked, but we need to colonize Mars,” said no rational investor ever.

For the record I have never sold a share of PayPal - averaged in at $18.50/share - all shares accumulated at the spinoff from EBAY. (I did sell all my EBAY, however)

Frank - long UPST, long PYPL, see profile for all holdings