US Debt Ceiling solution

Which country are we talking Captain? The US inflation rate is in decline.

Because it was not an industrial policy it was highly irresponsible. It wasted time. The debt created during that period was not nearly as productive as it could have been.

There is debt and there is debt. Investing in our industrial base is smart debt. Investing in the rich to outsource, ie supply side econ is a waste of $27 trillion. Covid being the remainder give or take.

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Rhetoric reply?

The Captain?

That is the talking point a POTUS candidate used, when promoting the “fair” tax some years ago. He was saying his tax plan would snare all those drug dealers and hookers that deal in cash, and skip the taxes. Get more tax out of the “JCs”? Nope. That never came up in his speeches. Only taking more money from people at the street level.



Chump change. Not even a rounding error in petty cash.

I’m talking about multi-billionaires creating a network of corporations that obfuscate the trail of income allowing them to get away with paying little or no taxes.


Your lucky. Here in the UK a government minister in charge of The Treasury has made a reported £5 million settlement with HMRC over his involvement in an offshore trust over which he lied about: