US inflation trending upwards

Perhaps not such a soft landing after all:

Higher energy and housing prices boosted overall U.S. inflation in December, a sign that the Federal Reserve’s drive to slow inflation to its 2% target will likely remain a bumpy one.

Thursday’s report from the Labor Department showed that overall prices rose 0.3% from November and 3.4% from 12 months earlier. Those gains exceeded the previous 0.1% monthly rise and the 3.1% annual inflation in November and were slightly above economists’ forecasts.

Wait until those rate cuts are made

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Can’t tell from one data point. Can’t even tell from a quarter or two most of the time. I think if inflation remains at 3.4% through May/June, we won’t see any rate cuts until the second half of the year.


US inflation trending upwards


You’re silly. One month - one single data point - does not constitute a trend.

Here is a chart of the last two years worth of data. What is the trend?