US Navy Drone Ships: How will they be used?

WSJ article reports they are arriving in Japan. Will likely be remote control destroyers. Two unmanned vessels controlled by a manned destroyer. Requires less crew.

Presumably destroyer mostly protects the fleet from attack. By air, by submarine, etc. Remote control ship adds to firepower with less crew required.

Experiment in process. The navy explores potential. Will it succeed?

Ukraine has used drone “ships” to attack Russion ships. Possibly intelligent, long range underwater cruise missiles. Not unlike a traditional torpedo, but with longer range and sensors to detect target and guide to it.

A better question would be 'Will it disappear like the Stealth Bomber"?

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How hard to jam the signal to/from the unmanned vessels?

As of now probably not that hard. We are not at war right now. The components will be swapped out for the security of the signals.

Isn’t it Heddy Lamar the movie star who developed the answer to this problem during WWII. I think she got a patent for it.

The method is frequency shifting. The signal is sent on a prearranged set of frequencies shifting from one to another rapidly. Sender and receiver know which ones but no one else. The range of frequencies used can be large. So you would have to blast the entire range. And they can probably use signal lights, lasers, or smoke signals if they need to. And to blast the whole range of frequencies you have to shut down your own signalling methods.


The difference here is shooting the equipment either in space or on land out of existence as the war begins.

Seems like we have discussed this before. In the event of nuclear war, submarines have the best potential to survive and allow a response.

But in the real world much is done short of nuclear war. In those situations surface navy allows us to exert influence.

In short we need both capabilities. And we hope defense officials who know that and try to get it right.


War stories are full of cases where the crew saved ships wounded in combat. Are these new destroyers disposable? Maybe they should be manned by Optimist robots!

Navy, talk to Elon!

The Captain


When freqencies are jammed, nothing gets through. That is the purpose of jamming them ALL in the first place.

Yep, but jamming all of them does shut down everything including your own defences and communications.

You expect designers to be aware of this and develop alternatives. Sonar? Sophisticated autopilot programs. Ai.

Creative people probably have many ideas in the works.

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