US Retirement System No Better Than Our Heathcare

C+ is likely grade inflation.



Without the paywall:

“We’re #22!” lacks that ring of “We’re #1” we are often sold.

The Netherlands, which received the highest rating, has a solid 3-legged stool approach.

The Netherlands, where all workers have both a private and public pension account, ranked at the top of the list. Its system. There is a public pension that provides a flat rate to all retirees depending on how long they have lived and worked in the country. Then there is a semi-mandatory requirement for employers to provide all workers with a pension. Additionally, individuals can contribute to their eventual retirement income with their own investments.

We have adopted the 1-legged stool approach of Social Security - and it is shaky. And we have two voluntary legs if the worker decides to build them. I agree C+ is probably a gift.


Rankings always depend on the yardstick being used. Some would look at the US’ Gini coefficient, above 40 and approaching that of Latin American banana republics, and claim victory, as the basic tenet of “Supply Side Economics” is concentration of wealth.


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