Use your own brain and remove logic flaws

People have wondered about Saul’s secret sauce. His success can be attributed to several things, but one critical ability Saul has is that he thinks for himself and see things as they really are.

This piece by Tim Urban is an excellent read that can be eye-opening for many people (it’s very long but worth reading):…


Very interesting article Chris!

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Thanks for sharing that post Gaucho. Didn’t know that Elon Musk helped start PayPal. We really are lucky to have witnessed how the Internet and iPhone have changed the world. We’ll have to keep watching Elon to see if he changes the world too. That story hasn’the played out yet.
I think this board is helping us see companies for what they really are and not thru the tribes of stock analysts working to make your decisions for you.
Thanks again for posting that.

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