Value Creation by CEO

8 years ago Satya Nadella took over as Softy CEO, since then added $2 T to the market cap and increased the share price by 700%, and have paid $100 in dividends and bought back nearly 1 billion shares.


contrast that with the prior IBM CEO’s tenure

longtimebrk…in case you’d like to catch up…babyb’s business is Hendershot Investments. Google that and you’ll see her full name, photo, and managment model. She basically buys every stock in sight at (my view as per checking up from time to time) all kinds of prices and times.

I can’t figure out her leanings as to what/when as per her style.

The wonderful thint about Balmer is that he was the one that provided the entry price. Even I bought stock then 10-14 times growing earnings and that’s not saying much!

I met Ingrid in 2001 at a Berkshire meeting. Looks like she is managing around $550m as noted year end 2020. I don’t see any peformance record but hopefully she is helping people.