Valve deploys 100Gbps Internet ports

This was from a couple of days ago:…

Valve deploys 100Gbps Internet ports to handle 75% traffic growth [US]

Valve is upgrading its network infrastructure with 100Gbps Internet ports to keep pace with big traffic growth. The news came in an announcement yesterday from Valve’s network operator, Level 3 Communications. The press release exists mainly to promote Level 3’s network, but it provides some details about Valve’s massive bandwidth needs.

Steam’s traffic levels are growing about 75 percent year-over-year, currently totaling 450 to 500 petabytes per month or four to five exabytes a year, the announcement said. Standard game downloads are 10 to 40 gigabytes, and the Steam platform “has over 100 million users, averaging more than 10 million concurrent players and over two billion minutes played logged per day.”

Steam recently set a new record with more than 12.3 million concurrent users.

Level 3 operates a global IP backbone with capacity of 42Tbps, including 100Gbps Internet ports in 26 markets in North America and Europe. The announcement didn’t say how many of those ports Valve will be using or what size ports Valve was using before the upgrade. We’ve asked both companies for additional details but haven’t received an answer.

Level 3 is “one of the few providers that offers 100Gbps Internet ports, which are now a critical component of our network infrastructure,” Valve executive Mike Dunkle said in the press release.

Then, about 2 years ago there was this:…

Infinera Confirms Level 3 Deal

Apr 25, 2014 - Infinera acknowledged during its first quarter earnings call that it’s supporting 100G deployment at Level 3 Communications.

During the earnings call, the company reported 15% year-over-year revenue growth, and revealed it began realizing revenue from Level 3 Communications’ 100G upgrade during the quarter.

While this press release was Level 3’s to make, this is also news for Infinera.