VC: 4 Main Influences On US Gas Prices

Visual Capitalist headline: ENERGYExplainer: What Drives Gasoline Prices?

Published 6 days ago on June 11, 2022
By Carmen Ang
Miranda Smith
Clayton Wadsworth…

Not to mention that a new refinery will cost $1B and take 10 years to build. Getting permits will take a while and be difficult. May take years.

And environmentalists envision an end to the use of fossil fuels. Your new refinery may be obsolete by the time its built.

Business men are smarter to let a refinery shortage develop and create rising prices and more profits. Far better than risking that billion dollars.

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You nailed it, Paul. That should have been the first point making the headline change to “5 Main Influences on US Gas Prices.”

If we can get through this hurricane season without a Gulf Coast refinery (or refineries) shutting down, I’ll be surprised. Water temperature here in the Keys today is 86.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Normally, we don’t see these water temperatures until August.

We’ve had hellatious rains since the last week of May. The lawn here sprouts about 12 inches weekly. It’s like trying to cut sponge cake with the mower.