VCEL Competitor

Interesting read from a competitor for those still on Vericel (VCEL)…

Looks good as this has been approved by FDA last year.

Looking at the video on VCEL in 1992, was wondering if this will impact the size of the TAM.


Hey Eddie, thanks for the link. A few points

  1. FDA approved but they don’t have mortality data nor peds approval.

  2. They are trying to get burn centers to sign on for clinical trials in the US. Going to be years before that data is available.

  3. Avita’s product has to be used with an autograft mesh for full thickness burns so their price comparisons are a little misleading when compared to the other products.

  4. AVita is indicated for burns >10 and <50% TBSA (with some caveats) where is Epicel is for everything >30% (if i remember correctly)

All in all I’m excited that they have an interesting product that is inexpensive. They have a long road ahead of them and I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up occupying a different niche than Epicel. Time and studies will tell.