Very OT but this is a look at the power of the very rich that is worth thinking about

Joe Rogan on Ghislaine Maxwell

This is an incredible commentary on raw power today. This is not politics. This is about money as power.

I am not worried about the FED or Treasury but this is crazy when it comes to the very rich.

This is less a conspiracy theory and more the good ol’ boy’s network. This is right before our eyes. Conspiracies are guesswork. This is not really guesswork. We know she went to jail and a lot of people were in there with her committing crimes.


Because of the alternative and that was the only reason.


Because the party didn’t like Bernie… He might have won. Yikes!

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Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, you were being serious?

My cat had a better chance of becoming becoming president.

And just for the record, I don’t own a cat.



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My wife and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary last August with a long weekend trip up to Burlington, VT. Bernie country.

We were shocked to see how many homeless and what seemed to be “zoned out” people roaming around the downtown area. I guess it’s a great place to get the services that you need for free, so folks that are looking for a free ride flock there but there is no affordable places for them to live.


Burlington has limited jobs. It is not a huge place. The woods are full of guys who can flush out into town for the bars etc…also college students head to Burlington on benders as they fail out of college…that is a tradition in NE…We have towns like that in CT. Usually they are of the entirely other persuasion. The poorest city by per capita income in CT is of the other persuasion by the widest margin of any city in CT. There is no accounting for much of it.

There are businesspeople in the upper strata who think Bernie would be by far the best because their investments depend on customers having money. The velocity rate of money dropped recently zero. It is now probably recovering because the middle class is building out…Bernie won…he never really wanted the office.

You will think and believe anything you want no matter what…but Bernie is honest and decent. That really will never change. Try saying that about any of the others.


I wasn’t lauding the system he touts, only his chances of winning. Here in Europe I saw more beggars and homeless in Berlin than in Madrid, and fewer in ‘poorer’ Porto. The kinder you are to homeless and beggars, the more you attract. Isn’t that the underpinning of all business? Serve your customer base!

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Most of the homeless are vets who are under served. We make promises and renege. The vets are having major mental health issues very often.

The other group are drug addicts and more of the mentally ill who have no hope of securing an apartment. This is really not something purposeful on their part.

Not sure what the assumption is about letting people die out on the street. Is it that fewer people will die out on the street if no one helps them? That is not true.

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Laff break. Sir Humphrey states the “JC” position.


This site says 13% are vets and they are advocates for them.



Thanks, I did not do any homework with that comment. Good catch.

Then that leaves either women and children and the mentally ill making up the majority of the homeless. Just kicking anyone out on the street with no care is not something I can get behind. I have no idea how that could be popular with anyone.

It is not popular to kick out tenants, but it is the real world. Generally, there is very little govt support for people who can not afford rent. We all know this to be true because there is a massive shortage of “affordable” housing–and this has been going on for decades.

I find this topic violates all the rules Wendy likes to beat me over the head with when I post about foreign politics. This topic is about US politics. Where is Wendy and her baseball bat? CMFMints has written to me that MF know there is are problems on this board about not allowing foreign politics. CMFMints said they are working on a solution. That was about one month ago.



I was not blaming any of the landlords.