Want a totally worthless opinion?


Listening to him might be very bad for your wallet. NoteHound now I am stock analyst shaming.

At this point the powers that be…be unloading still…

Just remember when you go into your car dealership the salesman is top rated. LOL They only say that as they take you. Let us all thank the Yahoo gods for the money we are about to receive.


“We expect another outsized Fed hike in September, but post that we would look for the Fed not to surprise the markets on the hawkish side again,” strategists led by Mislav Matejka wrote in a note on Monday. They expect the trade-off between growth and monetary policy to improve from here on, and “help the overall market to keep recovering.”

The strategists are among the most bullish top-ranked voices on US equities and expect rate-sensitive growth stocks to maintain their outperformance over the value basket, even as investors remain worried that the Fed could remain on a hawkish course.

…we would look for the Fed not to surprise the markets on the hawkish side again,

Why is anybody being surprised? I mean, really… they’ve been saying what they’re going to do, and doing what they said they would, for quite a while now. The only “surprise” I see is that Wall St keeps getting surprised that they’re actually following through! Want a hawkish side surprise? Make it a full 100bps boost instead of 75bps :wink:

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