Way OT Bach's Coffee Cantata

Bach wrote the 25 minute Coffee Cantata to poke fun at those who feared the boistrous coffee houses.

Grab a cup of coffee and give a listen :grinning: and happy Saturday.


In general, my tastes are too plebian for opera, but, I do like Bach.


Coffee Cantata, is a secular cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach. He composed it probably between 1732 and 1735. Although classified as a cantata, it is essentially a miniature comic opera.



'Tis too late for coffee here in Spain (I have adored unsweetened strong black caffeine since I was 4 to the alarm of my parents placated by our fine pediatrician), but learned long ago that if I wished to sleep I could not have any after 1300), but I this moment I am lifting my jarra of cerveza with pleasure as I listen to the blessed cantata once again.

Ei! wie schmeckt der Coffee süße,
Ah! how sweet coffee tastes!

Lieblicher als tausend Küsse,
Lovelier than a thousand kisses,

Milder als Muskatenwein.
smoother than muscatel wine.

Coffee, Coffee muss ich haben,
Coffee, I must have coffee,

Und wenn jemand mich will laben,
and if anyone wants to give me a treat,

Ach, so schenkt mir Coffee ein!
ah!, just give me some coffee!

Beatiful music from Bach is no surprise, but the buoyant good humor of the coffee cantata makes it a rarity in his ouevre.

david fb
(bedazzled by language as our waiter addresses me familiarly in a friendly vulgar phrase in old Mallorquin.)


Have a rec for the Bach reference.

I play guitar and a few months ago I stumbled on and learned Bourrée in E minor. Currently working on Joy of Man’s Desiring from Cantata 147. Really beautiful music. I have a few more Bach pieces lined up after that. I’m hooked.

Just for fun, here’s a short (under 2 minutes) version by Mick Wills playing Bach’s Bourrée in Em in the style of Jethro Tull:



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