Way OT Hindus consecrated Ram Temple last Monday

It was a BIG DEAL for Hindus.

Some follow up.


A few thousand years ago, Ram was born in Ayodhya India. A major Temple was built to honor his special place.

A few centuries ago, Muslim Moghurs arrived, destroyed Ram’s Temple, and built a Mosque on the ruins.
I’m sure that was a peaceful event.

A couple decades ago, Hindus razed the now sacred Mosque, with a couple thousand Muslims dying in the process.
India and Hindus have been criticized.

The linked story says several more mosques were built on the ruins of other ancient Hindu holy sites.

A rumor from my Hindu friend is that the Taj Mahal was built on the ruins of an ancient Hindu Temple.

Conflicts over who was “here first” and “sacred site” … Is in the news?

Mexico City was famously built on razed Aztec sites.
Inca sites and Spanish or Catholic buildings.
Istanbul’s famous Blue Mosque.



There is a church in Porto, Portugal, where synagogs used to exist. The tourist plaque makes no mention of the synagogs although it does say the land used to belong to Jews.

Hagia Sophia, officially the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, is a mosque and a major cultural and historical site in Istanbul, Turkey. The last of three church buildings to be successively erected on the site by the Eastern Roman Empire, it was completed in 537 AD. The site was an Eastern Orthodox church from 360 AD to 1204, when it was converted to a Catholic church following the Fourth Crusade. It was reclaimed in 1261 and remained Eastern Orthodox until the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453. It served as a mosque until 1935, when it became a museum. In 2020, the site once again became a mosque.

They ALL do it!

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Hagia Sophia is the single most astonshing human built or imagined thing I have ever encountered.

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Those who criticize need to take more time to see both sides of it. Being the victor does not make someone wrong.

The Islamic schism is an ancient problem. It is not that everyone else is in anyway above it. It is that forms of governance to balance things is so far above it. There is a failure in most Arab Muslim governments and Persia that is a royal PITA. Does not matter how many excuses we look for to explain why. It is inherited in the cultural belief system and ironically not necessarily at all in Islam. There is no mechanism currently to live in peace with other religions.