Way OT: TX Bluebonnet alert

TX is known for wildflowers, especially the Bluebonnet.
They are just now budding and blanketing the sides of the major highways, where they’ve been seeded.

It’s possible also to see fields of wild Bluebonnets.

The next couple weeks should be great for enjoying a TX wildflower drive.

I put 10 plants in my patio beds, which are just starting to bloom.
When I wandered out this morning I got a faint hint of the coming fragrance.
I got 12 more plants, today. I’m ready.

I’m anticipating the joy!

Many small TX towns have Bluebonnet festivals, and Bluebonnet decorations are common.
A friend paints festival art on windows.
Here are a couple windows he painted.

I’m amazed that many folks do not know the wonderful fragrance from Bluebonnets.

ralph finds no Bluebonnet emoji!