We are a growth investing board

A little insight: we board managers actually discussed changing the name of our board to something involving the word “growth.” But judging by the posts warning us against growth stocks, I don’t think that’s necessary. Everyone who comes here, even those new to the board, seem to realize this is about growth investing – even when they come here just to rail against it.

But I thought I’d say it anyway. We are a growth investing board. And as a growth investing board, we have several things we’re not interested in. Market timing, value stocks, bonds, options, etc. Please read the rules of the board. Here are two versions:


In addition to knowing the rules here, there is some other investing background you’ll need before comprehending the board, and certainly before contributing here. Saul created the knowledge base to help.

Part 1: https://discussion.fool.com/knowledgebase-newly-revised-part-1-3…
Part 2: https://discussion.fool.com/knowledgebase-newly-revised-part-2-3…
Part 3: https://discussion.fool.com/knowledgebase-newly-revised-part-3-3…

Lastly, for those new here I strongly suggest just listening for a few months – reading the board without trying to jump in and post right away. Otherwise you are walking into a conversation in the middle of it.

We welcome all reasoned opinions about specific growth companies – whether your opinion about the company is positive or negative. We don’t want to be an echo chamber. We simply need to discuss specific companies instead of abstract concepts, macro trends, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Assistant Board Manager


I just found this board, and plan to follow it. A couple of questions for those who have been here for a while:

1: How much time do you spend on a weekly basis doing your research?
2: Do you find that growth goes into and out of favor? In other words, are there years that you had to fight for every little gain, versus years you can’t miss? I ask that because I see in Saul’s 2016 intro post that PE is a real important number, but more recently, the SAAS companies don’t fit that mold. The so-called “pros” say that the markets shift between growth and value. Small companies growing fast in the early part of the business cycle, then big behemoths in the latter parts. They also say that the last parts of a bull are filled with IPO’s.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Ibuildthings,

Happy you found the board and want to join in on the discussion. We try to keep most of our posts on-topic here which might bring the question of “what is on topic?” to mind.

Saul sums that up in “Rules of the Board” pots: https://discussion.fool.com/rules-of-the-board-34280217.aspx

Saul explains his methodology and thinking and how it’s changed in a few places.

  1. Knowledge Base
    Part 1: https://discussion.fool.com/knowledgebase-newly-revised-part-1-3…

Part 2: https://discussion.fool.com/knowledgebase-newly-revised-part-2-3…

Part 3: https://discussion.fool.com/knowledgebase-newly-revised-part-2-3…

Why Saul’s Investing Criteria have changed: https://discussion.fool.com/why-my-investing-criteria-have-chang…

There are plenty more in the announcements tab which is located on the right size of the browser of any post you click if you’re on a PC or Mac, or at the bottom if you’re on a phone.

Please dig into all of those wonderful resources to learn a bit about what we do in this little community.