We may need to replace POMO - a poll!

I was just informed my command of the English language is weak and wanting, and that I should not be using “POMO” when I am short, since I am not missing out on anything.

I would ask ChatGPT, but I am too lazy to open a new browser tab, so a poll it is!

What should the new acronym for profiting off a down market, while mocking the FOMO / YOLO / MOMO bros?

  • POCO = Pleasure of Chaos Occuring.
  • POBO = Pleasure of Bottoming Occuring.
  • POLO = sweatshirts I wore in the late 80s.
  • POTO = Pleasure of Tanking Occuring.
  • PODO = Pleasure of Downturns Occuring.

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I chose the sweatshirt answer, but only because “occuring” looked kinda funny to me.


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POMO* = Pleasure of Mayhem Occurring

…if you want to avoid the hassle of new patent applications and whatnot. It’s like a qualified POMO that’s POMO, but technically not really POMO, yet essentially POMO. Or something.


What about one Poll a week? Or one Poll a month?

I voted for POLO because I still have them in my drawer. Along with a 1960’s vintage fatigue top and a 1990’s MSLB SOx jersey. My answer to inflation, don’t buy anything new.


That is a winner…in corporate parlance, we say that word gives us “optionality”!

I like it…thx!


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