Just when the you thought these tracking devices couldn’t get more sophisticated at tempting us to part with our $$$bucks, Abbott has started pushing their continuous read glucose monitors for non diabetics…specifically the athletically inclined… with marketing their Libre CGM plus accompanying Supersapiens app.

The latest edition of Runner’s World arrived yesterday with a very glowing spread on these devices. Something of a coincidence as a few days (but many pages) ago, this topic was mentioned in a thread on the METAR board.

If the Running Fools board was still up and running…with some of the Ole School crowd from the early aughts…I’d be posting it there and asking who remembers poking a bit of fun in my direction for my interest in heart rate monitored training

This is actually quite shameless promotion in advance of any demonstration of value. At least, the latest TV ad for some blockbuster drug for diabetes comes with the rap sheet of side effects and whatnot to add a bit of nuance.


“this topic was mentioned in a thread on the METAR board.”

At least there is one board safe from off-topic discussions, religious thoughts, political
wrangling and financial infighting.

Hope for civilization?

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Those ads at suppertime, with the nightly news, are amazing! Enough “possible problems” to scare anyone away! And “ask your doctor”? Lol! Does anyone ever go to their doctor and start listing those drugs???



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