What did I do? iOS version

I keep a number of tabs open in Safari in my iPhone. Places I visit daily, things I’ve come across that I haven’t finished reading (or want to visit in my desktop to make reading easier), things like that.

I was rearranging them a bit - something I do from time to time. But after dropping a window, all the others disappeared and all I had left was the one I was moving.

WTH did I do? Why did all my windows/tabs close?


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Did you try rebooting and see if the normal tabs come back up in safari?

I only, generally have a couple tabs going on my iPhone 11, Wordle and some recent site, maybe… What I see is a couple mini windows, with an X in the upper right corner to close that ‘Tab’, so it’s hard to imagine that several would vanish easily…

On the Mac OS Safari, it’s a different story, 14 or more tabs of sites, but no changes there…