What do you think about inspira?

I don’t see any mention of competitors to Inspira in any of their SEC filings but in a quick browse this morning I found quite a few ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) products:

There’s the Nautilus Smart ECMO module, which is an oxygenator (ECLS Oxygenators - Nautilus Smart ECMO Module | Medtronic) from Medtronic.

There’s a suite of ECMO products from Getinge: Getinge ECMO solutions

There’s Novalung from Fresenius Medical Care: Novalung Heart and Lung Therapy System

There are quite a few other companies as well. The global ECMO machine market was $531 million in 2021, according to this market report: ECMO Machine Market Revenue Trends and Growth Drivers | MarketsandMarkets

… so it’s not clear to me why Inspira should displace any of this competition. What is their advantage?

Inspira’s competitive advantage is not in the art100 (acmo device) but in my opinion it is only a well-known product in the market that flows money to the company, until the introduction of its big product art500 which knows how to oxygenate blood in a unique and non-invasive way in the body, which is the main uniqueness of the company in addition to the product to which the hyle blood sensor connects

Isn’t the ART500 considered an ECMO device?

I did a bit more reading and couldn’t identify what specific advantages the ART500 has over other ECMO devices. It’s just a better version? Or can it be used for a certain patients that current ECMO devices cannot?

This is a fledgling medical device company that is going to be hit or miss. There’s lots of positives being in the companies presentation but I’m not seeing enough substance to make me a believer (yet). The fact that they don’t have earnings calls doesn’t help.

I am almost certain that the art500 is not an ECMO type device because it is actually a non-invasive device, by the way, now Inspira has reported another huge contract worth $33M for 5 years:

My understanding is that the term “invasive” in this context refers to the tube inserted into your trachea as part of mechanical ventilation, also known as intubation. A lot of complications can arise from this procedure.

Other types of mechanical ventilation using face masks (without intubation) for instance are considered non-invasive, even though face masks also have their own problems.

All ECMO devices are thus considered non-invasive although they do use cannulae to interface with your bloodstream. I guess cannulae are not considered invasive.

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I guess that’s true, I’m also in my research phase about the company and learning a lot about it.

Thanks for bringing this company to the board anyways. I enjoyed learning about it but I think it’s not for me at this time. I was hoping it was another TMDX.


Yes of course (: I will continue to update if there is an important update and I would be happy to hear everyone’s opinion here. I will slowly upload more research on companies that I will do

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Inspira reported yesterday the recognition of a patent in the USA for the VORTX system which is a main part of the ART500 system.

This expresses a significant strengthening for the company and yesterday the stock reacted accordingly