What Happens to Twilio Flex When Cable Dies?

I don’t have numbers on this yet which is why I’m sharing these thoughts here. Maybe we can do some collective research.

But basically, Twilio Flex is a cloud-based contact center platform created to host something like 10,000+ seats.

I think… I don’t know, but I think the cable providers have some of the largest contact/call centers around due to the nature of their customer service.

So my first question is… what happens if/when these companies either downsize their contact centers or go out of business? Granted this could be 10+ years out…but still. Does contact center demand weaken?

Second and more broadly, I wonder what industry/age concentration the average company using today’s large contact center is and how relevant those business models will be in the future.

So to summarize:

  1. How will the contact center market be impacted by massive cable companies downsizing/going out of business?

  2. Is the business model that led to much of the contact center demand in the past becoming outdated/irrelevant as companies get smaller and more digitally focused?

My guess is that in the long run, Twilio will innovate and find new ways to power communications. That business need will never go away. However, right now Twilio Flex is huge for them and I’m wondering about the 1-5 year impact of changing trends.