What I did during the month.

People always ask what I did during the month. I don’t remember so I looked back over my graphs. Here it is alphabetically.

ABMD - I did nothing (I don’t have a position)

AMAVF - didn’t change my position. Keeping it small because of difficulty in trading in a Swedish company.

AMBA - added a little to my position at $45.75 but as it kept going down I swore off. At $35.70 I couldn’t help myself and added a little more. As I write it’s at $39.50. It’s been well discussed on the board.

AMZN - I had added over the past weeks at $580 to $590, but when it fell $85 in after hours yesterday to $550 after a great report with booming Cash Flow I bought all I could at $549 to $552.

CASY - Three weeks ago I sold a bunch for cash as its price hadn’t fallen. I’ve been re-accumulating it during the past week at about the same price (maybe 75 cents less).

CELG - It peaked at $139. I started rebuying at about $113 and have been adding down to the current price.

CYBR - When they got the buyout offer I sold out since it bounced 20% and I said if they were bought out they wouldn’t rise that much from $47, but if they weren’t bought out the price would go back down. I sold out at an average price of $46. I bought a tiny bit back this week at $41+

FB - bought a tiny position after earnings.

INBK - Sold some after earnings when I saw the flat earnings. Bought it back at about the same price when I understood what was going on.

INFN - Have added quite a bit between $15.50 and $14.50. Seems to have a great future, which people don’t understand.

LGIH - Buying a lot. I like this company.

MITK - Took a very small position

PN - Took a small position

PRAA - Took a small position at $28 and sold out when I discovered that the big banks may not EVER release their bad debts to PRAA any more because of all the new regulatory red tape. (It turns out I sold at $30.50 but I wasn’t selling to make a tiny profit, I was selling because the company no longer looked attractive.)

SBNY - Took a small position at $129, and added a little at $134. Now at $137.50

SEDG - The stock went from $15.50 to $28.00 almost overnight, and I kept my position approximately the same percentage size by selling part of my position. I don’t usually do that, but I don’t want SEDG to get too big as it seems subject to all kinds of risks. I also had attractive places to put the money.

SKX - I trimmed a very small part of my position for cash during the month. It’s still a very big position.

SNCR - I don’t have a clue why it is falling so I didn’t add any.

SWKS - I added quite a bit three weeks ago at $69 and $67. I sold part of it back yesterday at $67.50 to buy AMZN and MITK, etc. It’s still a triple position, but I decided that a 19% position would serve. I didn’t need a 21% position (which was really well beyond all my self-imposed rules). I still love the company so don’t panic.

Hope this helps.



Saul: I wondered where you “discovered” that “big banks may not ever release their bad debts to PRAA…” I have followed the stock on MFO and I have never seen this mentioned before. I don’t post on your board, but I do enjoy reading and learning from it. Dick

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Saul: I wondered where you “discovered” that "big banks may not ever release their bad debts to PRAA…

There’s been a LOT of discussion of it on the MF HG board. You might start with this post and work your way along the thread, first backward and then forward.



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