What Is CCC and How to Use It?

My mistake. Earlier, I had written ‘CCC’, but meant ‘CCI’. Here’s a good resource on how of the indicator. https://school.stockcharts.com/doku.php?id=technical_indicat… Investopedia is also a good resource as well.

It should be noted that when CCI, StochRSI, and Wm% are plotted to have the same lookback, they tend to be interchangeable. https://schrts.co/JBaPdcgB

If just one of them is selected and plotted with varying lookbacks, then a lot of whipsaws can be filtered, but at the cost of less advantageous prices getting in or out. https://schrts.co/beykuDMX

Everything about investing/trading is Chef’s Choice. Use the tools and templates that make sense to you.


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