What is the point of new boards?

Oh goody, I can use emoticons, but still don’t have WYSIWYG.
Meanwhile the BRK board is gone replaced by some hodgepodge.

What is the point? Who thought this would be better, and why did they think that, how did they think this would be better?

Is there ANYONE who was using the old boards that thinks this is better? Please explain.

If you had told me I would drastically miss the old boards before I saw the new boards, I would have laughed at you. Now all I can say is smiling_face_with_tear.

Now to spend some time figuring out how to save or post or send or who the f knows what with this post. If you see it, it means i succeeded, yay!


By the way, took about 5 minutes of bravely pressing keys to figure out the key to post or save or send the above was to click “+Create New Topic” Yeah, that was obvious.

Here is hoping clicking “reply” again saves or sends or posts this one.

UUUH ,.,.,. lessee here … after stumbling around in all this “new and improved” mess, I finally found a poster that I knew (Ralph C) . Like others that I stumbled across, I think this mess really sucks. I haven’t noticed any order to it at all … I’m really lost in this mess. I’m going back to my combine and harvest some more corn. Rich (haywool)


It seems like the only posters who have figured this system out are the ones I had on ignore under the old fool boards!



Hi Haywool,

I promise it gets better with a little practice. It is a bit like learning to ride a bike at first. Lots of falling down and getting back up.

On your profile, you can find the list of folks you are following here –


If you ctrl-click (on a pc) on any of them, it will take you to their profile. You can then select activity and find all their recent posts.



CMFMint taught me how to get my categories going today so I consider this day a win already. It’s a learning curve but each day it just get’s a lot better. In a week we all will be back griping about the economy, how the MF picks are trash, and the gripes about the boards will be gone. :rofl:


I have the advantage of having access to the new boards a long time before most of the old ones migrated… So, while I am still finding new tricks to access content, there are a multitude of things that I couldn’t wait for.

One is the way quoting works. Also, polls are much improved IMHO.

While it is not exactly WYSIWYG, if you are on a pc, you have the WYSIWYG in the parallel window. There are buttons for bolding, italics and quoting.

I like the way that inserting links works on the new boards better than the old.

But, the best thing of all is the ability to insert graphics and tables.



So how do I get to my profile? I figured it was just by clicking on my “icon” in the upper right corner, but that only seems to display a list of inscrutable random posts with tags that aren’t even shown so I have no clue what the often cryptic subjects that are shown are about!

EDIT: ok, I have to click on my icon on a POST, not my icon in the upper right corner. How unintuitive…


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You can actually click both places…the system has several ways to do most things…that’s good and bad when you’re learning it but it makes sense when you think about of people think and do things differently.

You can click on your icon a post to see your user card and click it again to see your profile or you can go to the upper right, click your icon, and then the human icon which gives you your profile options. It’s hard now but after a few weeks, you do it without even thinking.

I like corn… It’s got the juice!

Ah, thanks. I need to remember that hover-over is my helpful friend…

Ok, thanks. …more chars…