What is "Zoom Appropriate?"

So I started reading this and three quarters of the way down or so I come to “Zoom appropriate” and after counting Zoom mentioned at least 12 times, along with the likes of Hugo Boss, Gucci, Tom Ford and Lululemon it occurred to me that there’s more to this the meets the eye. It’s staring at you right in your face. Advertising revenue from a Video communication Company from top Companies, hairstylists and the lists goes on! WFH Zoom meetings and online sales are surging, could Zoom be getting some extra traction by getting in on the action with some free promotion for them but at the same time doing deals with a form of retail advertising? After all, how many people would actually read the very last line…“Insider Inc. receives a commission when you buy through our links.” Regardless if one purchases or not the free advertising this article gave to Zoom as opposed to just discussing what is “appropriate” Summer Wear, which now actually reads how one should dress for Zoom is priceless.

Don’t know but “Webex Appropriate”, just doesn’t sound right:-))) What I do know is that the phrase at the start of the article “Dressing For Zoom this Summer” has a nice ring to it and I might be reading more into this than I should be but my retail/advertising mind is in overdrive.

Have a Zooming good weekend. New verb, means the same as blooming, flourishing, going places:-)


p.s. I just noticed the very first thing you read…“The World works on Webex” Too funny, as no it doesn’t! The ad though might change for you as clicked again and Square came up.


Reading this and i’m thinking how TTD could soon be part of the action. Advertising on Zoom based on demographics and interest of the participants.
TTD Is amazing at identifying opportunities and this seems like a great opportunity.
I would love to see if the connection i am making is valid.
long ZM & TTD

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Being long ZM and TTD, that’s an interesting connection to make. As a human who dislikes unnecessary distractions, I would not want to be on a Zoom call peppered by ads. Isn’t that a more benevolent version of “Zoom bombing”? Now that Zoom is taking security very seriously, how could they then allow TTD to target participants based on demographics/interest? Hmmm.

Let’s imagine, however, that ZM and TTD figure out how to work together. Perhaps paid and professional Zoom accounts would not be subjected to ad intrusions. And if ZM were to accept TTD ads on free accounts/calls it might motivate those people to upgrade for an ad-free experience…a win for ZM either way.

(this is my first post here under my new user name. Formerly I posted under “alacartespirit”…it was time for a change).


Isn’t there a “free” zoom version? Would it not be prudent to advertise on the free zoom version? I don’t like ads, but it seems to be the tradeoff for free usage.