What $NVDA New GPU Can Do For $ZM

Third tweet in this 5 part thread with the intro “3/ Demos of futuristic Zoom calls here that will blow your mind:” will give you a new respect for $NVDA architecture. The demo is crazy.

Imagine $ZM being able to offer all these new features using less bandwidth and making the experience all the more enjoyable. That one part where all background noise is removed while you speak is a game changer for work from home. That’s going to be huge with teachers and students and WFH meetings.


p.s. Be sure to read the fifth tweet tipping you to how the consumer demand is going for these new $NVDA GPUS.

Disclosure: Long both $ZM and $NVDA


By the way, I’m just waking up, and realizing in the demo, that’s the new Maxine platform from NVDIA showing off, and in the last tweet, the demand being spoken about is for the new RXT 3080 GPU.