What the hell was that?

That was close’: Moment CBS reporter Charlie D’Agata dives for shelter as a massive bomb explodes behind him during a live report from Kyiv

Charlie D’Agata was broadcasting live from Ukraine on Wednesday night and was handing the segment back to US offices when an explosion went off behind him

Footage shows a flash of white light which then turned to amber in the background of the city just behind D’Agata

D’Agata immediately turns around to face the explosion before turning back to his colleagues and saying: ‘What the hell was that?’

He adds: ‘I don’t know it was almost like lightning. It was a big flash and then…’

D’Agata trails off as he stares into the distance before another explosion is set off sending the city into clouds of orange smoke

He instantly turns and dives down for shelter before he can be heard saying: ‘Ow… that was close. Close enough to see the flash’