What's a good call worth?

I just want to follow up on my bet on KITE, since that has become a really good example of a good call:
I’ve even taken a small position in KITE after seeing it discussed here (I’m a three time cancer survivor so it seemed apropos). Thanks for that!

My position in KITE is some Jan '18 140 calls, which I bought on July 21. Today they are worth a bit more than 6 times the $6.40 I paid for them. Impressive, and many thanks again! I put only about .37% of my portfolio into this side bet, so the big win adds about 1.85% to my stash. In this same time period, those holding shares went from 109 to 178, a gain of 63%. So if you had a 6% position (which I think is somewhat typical for people on this board) that would have netted a 3.8% gain, over twice what I made. On the other hand, I had much less at risk and was way late to the party. Also note that I was lucky in my choice of strike price; had I bought 180’s they would be next to worthless. So, an interesting example of what I was asking about.

Meanwhile, I continue for the foreseeable future to have essentially all my money in TSLA. It’s a volatile stock, but is destined for at least a triple over the next five years. No, it’s not a car company, it’s an energy company. But it will make tons of money in the transportation business as the world is forced to change how it produces and uses energy.

The side bets are fun, and I’ll continue to follow your discussions for good ideas. But I think I’ll keep investing the way I currently do. This year has been very kind to me. My portfolio has more than tripled so far – up about 13.7% on AAPL, 36.7% on side bets, and the other 159% on TSLA (mostly selling naked puts). I’ll be most pleased if I can end the year without giving much back.

(selling naked puts is very dangerous, so DO NOT do this unless you know what you are doing)

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