What's the next step after your Emergency Fund?

Young people call it their “options” fund like:

“I Need Enough Money to Say ‘No’ to Jobs.” and, "I didn’t want to get married unless I knew I could afford a divorce.”



F U money:

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I think two and a half million dollars is still enough.


Same idea of walking away money was in the novel Noble House, in conversation between Ian Dunross and Casey Tcholok where it is referred to as “drop dead” money (and sometimes less politely and pornographically), meaning enough financial independence to say “no” to any deal offer or order from on high that would usually be seen as locked in,

Noble House was my favorite of Clavell’s Oriental Novels (Shogun is a close second), and now reads as a particularly potent saga of the late colonial era as well as the unique culture of the Hong Kong populace that is so threatening to Xi and Co.

david fb

Then don’t get married. In “The Millionaire Next Door”, it briefly mentioned the quickest way to halve your net worth was divorce. And in realty, more than half because of lawyers, etc.

As far as having enough “FU money” still comes down to living below your means and how that affects your number. Some could be $100k and others $10M.