Where do SA analysts rec putting new money?

I want to mimic the gains advertised for the members of SA!

I have 32 SA recommendations. My investment dollars range from (high, mid, low) 50K in AMZN, 10K in MASI and $49 in ASAN.
Since starting this portfolio exclusively in SA recommendations my top 15 range in return from 21.91% (GMED) to 117% (FTNT). The bottom 17 range from -53% to +8% with the biggest dollar looser MASI (-6K -38%)

So my question: I have 10K a month to invest. Do I always put it in the current months Best Buys Now, Divide it equally between what I already have? How much to put into a this months recommendation if it is new to the list?

So far I have been putting it in Best Buys Now with insignificant amounts in the new recommendations (My one share of ASAN is down 53% LOL)

I miss Team David. I only looked at his side when picking and would just buy and forget. Now I have to work for my $149 too? LOL!

Has anyone done analysis on where to put money in SA on a monthly basis to optimize the ROI?

Thanks all


traderspro is your better choice to trade with at $397.00 lifetime. I look at New Buys and Breakouts. Don’t waste your time energy and money.

Use stockcharts. Just looked at your ASANA and you should have not lost a dyme via the below as well not losing a dyme with your bottom 17 stocks. Just looked at your ASANA, we could have made thousands.

Simon III, and company will make you a wealthy person over time by learning Risk and Money Management skills.

See Simon Sez III below

re: Swing Trading
re: Stockcharts
re: Barchart
re: Price Label
re: 999 to 1000 percent batting average

So What Is Swing Trading?

Swing trading is the buying and selling of stocks all within the timeframe of a few days or several weeks. It’s a lot like day trading except the timeframe. After each buy and sell cycle, your slate is clean with no carry-over. It’s the opposite of passive, low-maintenance investing. Swing trading is active short-term investing because the “buy and hold” mantra does not apply.

Simon Sez III. “Wait-one bar” after Price label to Price label rule signal per Simon’s Werld® by Quillnpenn revised 12/1/2020.
Re: New ACP stock charts via Stockcharts.com for subscribers or nonsubscribers.
re: $ETHUSD daily
re: $ETHUSD 30 minute.

When a Price label appears to do the following:

1 ) For the TOP Price Label, we wait and wait until the next bar when the price drops below the high signal to SELL the stock to help protect your ASSets.

2 ) For the BOTTOM Price Label, we wait and wait until the next bar when the Price bar is rising upwards to BUY the stock.

For the very first time when viewing a chart, the default will appear, however, make some minor adjustments for a better view. When the Setup procedure is complete (see way below), the charts will always pop correctly thereafter.

3 ) Add the Stochastic RSI(14) to the bottom

The Stochastic RSI acts as our confirmation tool. Look to the right side of the Over Sold (pink area)crossing up and over the 0.20 line to buy the stock.

Cheat Sheet:

Class - Simon Sez III - Holy Grail

Holy Grail: “Something that people want very much, but which is very
difficult or impossible to achieve”.

Okay now for the Holy Grail part of having fun without really trying.
I believe we can make money with the aid of Simon. If NOT, you get detention for failing to read and review the two (2) simple rules.

The Rules:

Here are the following rules that I found so far broken into two (2)
parts. TOP and BOTTOM.


TOP: When you see the Price label = Wait-one bar rule applies to SELL to help protect your ASSets.

When you see the RED Candle, GREEN Candlestick BELOW the Price label (centered) = SELL immediately when it appears.

To BUY @

BOTTOM: When you see the Price label = Wait-one bar rule applies to BUY.

When you see the GREEN Candle, RED Candlestick ABOVE the Price label (Centered) = BUY immediately when it appears.

I am using the Daily and the 30-minute charts to make money faster. 4-hour chart for the cryptos all day long.

These charts are good for swing trading and for long-term investments such as the XL’s (xle, xlc, xlf, et.,al) to hold and trade forever since 1999. Includes Dividends at the end each QUARTER eg…3-6-9-12. Stocks must be bought before the ex-dividend date. NOT on, but before the date to get the dividend checks thereafter.

https://www.sectorspdr.com/sectorspdr/sector/xlk XLK - Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund.

https://www.sectorspdr.com/sectorspdr/sectors been swing trading the XL’s since January 1999 with a 999 to 1000 percent batting average.

These charts are perfect for Tetter Tottering via the MDP (Million Dollar Portfolio) eg…SPXL / SPXS : QQQ / PSQ.

The Teeter Totter Principle is all about using a “seesaw” to balance your Nest Egg’s cash and investments.

Note ! You must add the price labels to see the prices.

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tradespro’s New buys sample earning money all day long.


New breakouts: ESTE, GWGH, UTI, TILE, WMS, APEN, XLE (from my SPDR group.)

Quillnpenn -


You wrote: "New breakouts: ESTE, GWGH, UTI, TILE, WMS, APEN, XLE."

NO, NO, NO. Not a one of those seven is timely. In every case, the train has already left the station. Sometimes, by just a couple of days. Sometimes longer. But not a one put in a new lookback low (on a 1-moht chart) two days ago that was confirmed yesterday by StochRSI and/or a MA x-over.

You aren’t trading “breakouts”. You’re doing momentum trades.


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Hi again, DrFool2.

In short, you cannot replicate the performance of SA. Not unless you can turn the clock back 20 years and have a whole lot of money to buy the hundreds of recommendations that have been made over the years.

Stock Advisor is not a managed portfolio. It’s an advisory service that delivers 2 fresh recommendations, and picks 10 timely stocks (best buy nows) from past recommendations. It is then up to each member Fool to decide which companies fit into their own portfolio management strategy.

This is a Freemium Community board, and you’ll get more suggestions and be able to learn from your fellow SA Fools who have implemented their own strategies for their SA portfolios. What you propose is a viable option. There are many more, and no single approach is the one approach for everyone.

Personally, I like investing in the Timely Stocks that are also Foundational Stocks (I prefer to think in terms of companies and think TMF does its members a disservice by referring to them as stocks), then the remaining Timely Stocks, the remaining Foundational Stocks, and finally companies in which I have the highest conviction from the remaining pool of recommendations. But that approach isn’t right for everyone.

Who also misses David Gardner’s words of wisdom, but his Rule Breaking Foolosophy lives on in the Rule Breaker side of the Stock Advisor scorecard, so he would be confident that the recommendations coming since his departure are as high of conviction for their long-term (3-5 year or longer) business growth potential as they were when he helmed the analyst team…

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