Who Is Josh Brown?

If you enjoyed the Fortune article it was written by Josh Brown - he, along with Morgan Housel, are two of my favorite financial writers.

Josh Brown is the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management (Barry Ritholtz) and publishes the Reformed Broker blog.


He posts extensively on Twitter - like 30 times per day - up to the minute on any big news in the market with his opinion.

He is the most counterintuitive CNBC regular panel guest normally on CNBC’s Halftime Report (Noon start) where he regularly makes fun of the theories proposed by numerous guests - about a week ago they had on a pundit who predicted there was the likelihood of 25% the country would fall into a recession in the next 3 years - J. Brown pipes up - so what your saying is that there is a 75% chance we will not have a recession in the next 3 years - you know that is not what I would call a really important prediction. It was really funny and I am not doing justice to the story.

If you like what you read follow him on Twitter - he is a lot of laughs and knows a lot about the stock market.

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There are only 4 people in all of economic journalism (I use the term loosely) that I make a habit of reading:

Josh Brown
Morgan Housel
Barry Ritholtz
Ben Carlson http://awealthofcommonsense.com/

All are on Twitter. And unlike most writers, you feel less stupid after reading something they write.