Who was the underwriter of the $91.6 million Appeal Bond?

Property & Casualty insurer to the wealthy, Chubb Corp.

{{ It turns out that Trump may have called in a major favor: Court records filed Friday show that the bond was guaranteed by the Chubb Corporation, an insurance group. In 2018, Trump appointed Chubb’s CEO Evan Greenberg to a White House advisory committee for trade policy and negotiations.}}



Chubb should fire Greenberg and sue him for damages.

Kiss Fred’s money good bye.


We won’t know much until Chubb actually collects their fee AND the bond (plus interest?) if they have to pay it.

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That appointment was probably for services already rendered. Wonder what was promised this time?


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Evan, is the son of Maurice Greenberg:

In August 2009, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged Greenberg for his involvement in alleged fraudulent accounting transactions that inflated AIG’s finances. Without conceding or denying the SEC charges, Greenberg agreed to pay $15 million in penalties.

The New York Attorney General brought civil fraud charges against Greenberg in May 2005, charging him with engaging in fraud to exaggerate AIG’s finances. On September 13, 2016, the fraud case against Greenberg came to trial in a state courthouse in Lower Manhattan. The New York State trial counsel said a guilty verdict was needed to “send a message to CEOs of other companies” that “you can’t do this sort of thing.” The case was resolved on February 10, 2017, subject to a settlement in which Greenberg admitted to fraud and agreed to pay $9 million.

Should I go with “The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father” or “The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”?


I’m quite sure they didn’t do it without also having a lock on some hard asset somewhere. And I’m equally sure they did their own valuation rather than relying on one provided by the defendant.


There is also talk of there possibly being a cosigner. I would think E. Jean Carroll would have the right to evaluate the soundness of the bond.

That is not up to her. That is up to the court. But Chubb? It is done.

What promises will be made for the big bond, how many hundred million?


The promises are irrelevant. What actually becomes required to be paid may be entirely different–more OR less. Likely, IMO, more.

The TNR article also lists some other hefty fines from his myriad lawsuits:

He owes $400,000 to The New York Times and has racked up thousands more in fines and gag-order violations during his myriad lawsuits. And just Thursday, Trump was ordered to pay $382,000 in legal fees for Orbis Business Intelligence, the consulting firm owned by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.* Trump had sued Orbis over a dossier Steele compiled in 2016 that alleged Trump and members of his inner circle had been “compromised” by Russia’s security service.