Whoa, slow there on that net zero

I thought he was pointing out this town in Australia as he said 'led to . . '.


TOOWMNBN***= the other one who must not be named


“Nicht-named” would be most appropriate…

You must not have children who were utterly besotten with the Harry Potter epic, wherein the ArchVillain has multiple aliases:

his birthname is Tom Marvolo Riddle, but he is best known as
Lord Voldemort (anagram of birthname)

that MUST NOT be said or written because

  1. Merely speaking his name causes evil, quarrels, and other malevolence, and
  2. The Ministry of Truth (a cowardly bunch lost partly in fearful denial and mostly in
    under the table manipulations by HimSelf) insist both that he no longers exist and also that he must not be mentioned,

and so he is almost universally known as “You Know Who” or
"He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named "

Faced with a frighteningly similar situation here on this board, and being poor at remembering which number has been which in the white house as a dodge when referring to him, that is to say (looking it up) “#45”, as many here refer to him, I habitually write out my abbreviation for


david fb

(quickly spitting out the magic Yiddish riddance of evil "Kinahora Kinahora Kinahora)

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I prefer TFG (the former guy)!


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Thank you DrBob and flyer boy.

I should have known that. The reason I love chocolate is to recover from Dementor attacks. They happen daily.




And yours makes the most sense, but I think falls short of protecting us from…what, uhm, the evil that must not be named or political chaos will overtake us…

d fb

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Gore does not see himself well. Most people do not see themselves to well.

He could have come out the next day saying, “the public is smarter than I am. I should have cut George a lot more slack. He is a nice guy. But you know what they say about nice guys finishing last? Let’s see to it”.

Hillary also with her intolerable thing did not get in front of it. She could have said, “the gloves came off a long time ago in politics. I love Americans and want to protect them. We need intelligent leadership. etc…he is just so damned out of it”. Instead, she let it sit there and fester.

Adams and Hamilton let their individual paranoias ruin the Federalists. The Republicans just sat there watching and doing nothing to win. Remind you of W?

Those were the holes FDR rode a Mack truck right through.

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Damn right, Leap!

And after very publicly driving through those holes he said

“the old enemies of peace:
business and financial monopoly,
reckless banking,
class antagonism,
war profiteering…
…They are unanimous in their hate for me — and I welcome their hatred.”

Thems the vitamins we need in our body politic!

d fb


The Guardian understands that Keir Starmer and Rachel Reeves will discuss the party’s flagship economic policy next month, with senior Labour figures pushing to drop the £28bn commitment entirely while others want to retain key elements of the plan.


That is called wooing the liberals. The liberals in the UK want the budget to be tighter. It means very little.

In that case they appear to be in agreement with the Conservatives led by Sunak.


Ah. I thought it was That Farking Guy

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No, because Sunak won’t fund infrastructure for an industrial buildout. The liberals just want a small check on Labor. That does not mean Labor needs to cut spending. Only means the Liberals want some posing at the very least. Both of them want what is best for the UK. The Conservatives do not understand what that might be.

Image how much coal China would have burned if their covid recovery had taken off.

China’s 2023 coal output hits record high
China’s coal output reached a record high in 2023, data from the statistics bureau showed on Wednesday, amid an ongoing focus on energy security and a rise in demand after pandemic-related restrictions eased. The world’s biggest coal producer mined 4.66 billion metric tons of the fuel last year, up 2.9% from a year earlier…

The country’s overall power generation, which is dominated by coal-fired plants, rose 8% year-on-year in December…

In 2023, domestic production growth was “roughly flat, largely due to safety-related mining suspensions”, analysts at Macquarie wrote in a note, resulting in demand growth outpacing supply growth. That pushed China’s coal imports higher, to a record high of 474.42 million tons in 2023…


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I can see that. At this moment the German Greens will lose some seats if they do not moderate. They need to moderate. It has long-term consequences that are worse if they do not moderate.

The 2040 target can be reestablished later.

The key points are simple:

  1. Infracture is not yet able to meet the demand for all-electric devices,

  2. Investments in infrastructure are far behind required future needs.

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No the problem in Germany is either coal or nuclear energy. That is leaving the Greens with no room to move. Later, there will be more alternative energy—loose seats now and less alternative energy later.