Whoa, slow there on that net zero

There are also ag trade implications. EU farmers have many regulations and don’t like the idea of open trade with Latin America.

“While the farmers have a list of demands, many single out the Mercosur deal. They fear it would further depress their produce prices amid increased competition from exporting nations that are not bound by strict and costly EU environmental laws.”


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Under the government’s “clean heat” strategy, targets had been drawn up to help phase out gas boilers and deliver 600,000 eco-friendly heat pump installations a year by 2028.

The target was due to come into effect in April, when boiler manufacturers would be required to match, or substitute, 4 per cent of their boiler sales with heat pumps or face a fine of £3,000 for every installation they fell short by.

Even though the target had not come into force, manufacturers were already increasing prices on their gas boilers to counter the impact of the fines, with prices set to increase by up to £120 this year…

The energy secretary is also increasingly concerned that opposition to the boiler tax could undermine confidence in heat pump technology and lead to fewer consumers buying them.


The Tories are slowing down on their targets. Now Labour?

Labour will announce on Thursday that it is scaling back its flagship green prosperity plan, Sky News understands. The policy will not be dropped altogether, but the party is ditching the financial target to spend £28bn a year on environmental schemes…

The major U-turn comes after weeks of confusion surrounding the policy…