Whoa! Watch a ship get blown out of the water Wh

Whoa! Watch a ship get literally blown out of the water in the video clip.

The US has tested a new ‘quicksink’ bomb designed to destroy enemy warships from the sky.


Scroll down for a bunch of stills from the video above.

What is the ‘quicksink’ bomb?

The 2,000-pound air-launched ‘quicksink’ bomb is the first of its kind developed for maritime combat.

A sudden death for enemy ships, the quicksink bomb is an alternative to attacking enemy warships with submarines.

The experiment used Joint Direct Attack Munition, a guidance kit that converts unguided bombs into all-weather precision-guided munitions.

They were modified to engage moving targets with a GPS-assisted Navigation System.

An F-15E Strike Eagle fighter is used to launch the munition.

When the fighter jet detects the cargo ship, it fires an all-weather munition that flies to the target’s coordinates.

Like a torpedo, the seeker embedded within the bomb tracks the velocity of the ship and exploding beneath it.

When a submarine launches a torpedo, it gives away the location of the vessel.

But aircraft are able to quickly retreat after launching the ‘quicksink’, providing more options to US commanders when in combat.