Why Cloudflare bought Zaraz

Cloudflare announced today they have just acquired Zaraz, a software company that handles third-party software to further their mission of building a better internet. I highly recommend reading the blog (3-5 min read) below, written by Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince:


My takeaway:

  • Third-party scripts are embedded everyday by developers, marketers, and others on their web pages
  • These scripts perform basic tasks but they can be compromised, causing significant problems or stealing of data
  • Poorly configured scripts often are the primary reason for slow web-sites (slowing down productivity)
  • Cloudflare itself was compromised in 2019 by a hacker modifying a third-party JavaScript.
  • Cloudflare made the decision to strip all third-party scripts from their websites, which negatively affected many workers
  • Zaraz software strictly controls third-party scripts, giving you the best of the flexible, extensible web while preventing security incidents
  • Cloudflare sits in front of 20% of all websites and Zaraz’s technology will eventually protect all of them.