Why Datadog Stock Is Well-Positioned for Growth

Hello Team,

I’m new to the Board, and I’m a Lurker (maybe not now with this first post!)

I just saw this on Motley Fool:

Datadog’s (NASDAQ:DDOG) potential to expand its customers across government departments just significantly increased. In this clip from “3 Minute Stocks Updates” on Motley Fool Live, recorded on Feb. 16, Motley Fool contributors Brian Withers and Toby Bordelon talk about the importance of understanding your customer and analyze whether Datadog is poised to navigate the government contracting process.


I’m self-employed. One aspect of my work involves selling a product to a prime defense contractor for a military application. From my experience, government work is good work. The government has large, consistent requirements, honors its commitments and pays well and on time. I think this could be a solid leg of the stool for The Dog.

That’s all I got! :wink: