Why do you use Thunderbird

As a Linux user, Thunderbird has long been an option (originally developed for Linux). And I’ve used it in the past, but don’t use it now. At that time I had multiple email clients so it was convenient as an aggregator of these. I don’t use multiple clients now and have long discontinued Thunderbird as an added complication to my life. But as with all things in the constantly changing world of tech, maybe I’m missing something, so I’d like to ask why people currently use Thunderbird; I’m thinking it must be more than as a multi-client aggregator.

What do you love about Thunderbird?


What do you love about Thunderbird?

It’s free.



Thunderbird and Firefox are my go-to email and browsing applications. I love Mozilla’s manifesto and their software to me is simple and efficient. Mozilla’s Firefox is one of the most privacy-respecting browsers available. Thunderbird is clean and efficient and once set up it just works.




What do you love about Thunderbird?

It works, and works, and works.

Even when Verizon stopped providing an e-mail server and a usenet server. And gave the e-mail to AOL, and I kept my old e-mail address.


Exactly, Phaz


Even more “exactly.”


No ads. I use yahoo but should switch because yahoo bombards me with ads and thunderbird won’t have any ads…doc

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One of the real strengths of Thunderbird is its filtering - putting mail into different folders according to rules.